now, with Home Velo DVD's, you will love your turbo-trainer !

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Ride at home with HoMe VéLo !
A unique collection of rides on DVD filmed for use with indoor turbo trainers.
With HoMe VeLo DVDs, experience a real ride, on a real road, in real surroundings !
To simulate the ride, simply change your turbo trainer resistance setting (or change your gear) to the level indicated on the screen and then you can experience the conditions of a real ride without the stress.
From now on you'll enjoy your indoor training sessions.
Train for the real ride or just enjoy the scenery ! A unique collection of rides on DVD filmed for use with indoor home turbo trainers.
When it's bad weather outside or your time is limited, then there's only one way to keep fit and that's by riding at home on your turbo trainer.
Level 1: Ride without effort (easy breathing without getting hot) improve you leg speed by pedalling fast.
Level 2: Normal effort, flat road, no wind.
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Level 3 to 6: Climbing (duration and intensity varies according to terrain).
The HoMe VeLo DVDs banishes the boredom of indoor
training !
You can choose from a carefully selected series of video
rides suitable for all categories from beginner to the most
experienced rider.
Start the program and pedal......it's magic !
HV1- les crêtes de la Roche-Guyon
HV3 Les Dentelles de Montmirail
HV2 The ascent of Mount Ventoux
more than one hour on the charmly roads of Provence, at the foot of Mount Ventoux, with the ascent of Suzette pass, 5 kilometers at 7%. A lot harder than HV1.
1 hour and 42 minutes to approach and to climb the mythic Giant of Provence,21,5 kilometers of ascent with several at more than 10%, (1) to (6) numbers,and often the (6) , a very hard pleasure.
you pedal during 42 minutes in the Vexin, 50 kilometers from Paris. nbsp; Not too hard, (1) to (4) numbers, but very effective for everyday training.
Please note that with HoMe VéLo, you are not forced to harden you ride, especially at first. The number on the screen is only an indication for you.
HoMe VéLo - Christian Bonnin - +33 9 53 60 51 41 - homevelo@free.fr - website: www.homevelo.com
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